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Who I Am & Who I’m Not!

by Giuseppe

Hi, if you landed here, you are probably interested in learning Robotics and understand how it works.

I’ve passed about 6 years to study and excel in this field, and also today, I continue to learn every day.

It’s a never stopping process.

Robotics is something that could be viewed as a sort of semantic tree :

Now, you’re thinking, if I have to learn and understand everything is shown in this tree, I will never learn it.

Or maybe you could be thinking something like: what is the right starting point to learn it?
There is no right starting point….the real (and bad) true is that you need to understand everything to excel in Robotics.

But the good news is that you don’t need to understand everything at the beginning to START working with robots.

What you need, instead, is to get principles from an insider and put into practice immediately.

A real insider (as I am) can give you what you really need to Accelerate your learning curve, avoiding countless mistakes in your path.

For this, I created the first Robotics Learning Program that allows you to Accelerate your learning process and get your first well-paid job in Robotics…also if:

  • you are never done it before, and you don’t know anything about it.
  • you are not a rocket scientist
  • you don’t have a degree or Ph.D. at all 🙂

Here there’s my significant promise:
you will be able to learn and get your first job as a roboticist in just 6 months, but you have to carefully follow the instructions inside the program.

PS: This program is not buyable by everyone.
First of all, you have to pass through a Strategic Call with me to understand if you are eligible or not.


If you are not eligible, you will receive a customized roadmap to allow you to learn what you really need to then follow my program successfully!


PPS: if you will be accepted, the cost of the consultation will be taken from the cost of the whole program 🙂

You don’t have to invent anything. This a logic and structured program thought to take by the hand and guide you to excel in this field.

You just have to follow it.
Step by step. Week by week.


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